Senior Living

With age comes wisdom. Unfortunately, age also comes with weakness and with weakness can come with pain. Every year our bodies grow weaker unless we actively work on strengthening them. This weakness can show itself in many ways from difficulty walking, a fear of falling, can't stand up easily, losing your breath, etc.

There are some unfortunate facts that come with Senior Living. Falls have the dubious honor of being the top cause of injury and injury related deaths in people older than 651. We place great emphasis on patient education and providing you with the resources and exercises you need to grow stronger and get back to the activities you love. In three short weeks, you can walk like you did 5-10 years ago! Many very small changes can improve your quality of life greatly.

Education is Therapy


  • Reduce Fall Risk. We will assess your walking and discuss potential hazards in your home that increase your risk of falling. Common household hazards include loose rugs, poor lighting, and small pets.
  • Develop a Strengthening Program.  We will develop a personalized strengthening program focusing on your areas of concern to help you build confidence and regain your ability to move freely and enjoy your normal daily activities.
  • Patient Education. We provide you with the information you need to succeed long after you are done with therapy.

When should I seek help?

To help you decide whether weakness might be an issue for you consider the following questions and if you answer "yes" to any, then you should tell your doctor it's time to see a therapist for a strengthening program.

  • Do I have difficulty standing up from a chair?
  • Do I have trouble doing activities I used to be able to do?
  • Do I worry about falling?
  • Do I feel unsteady?
  • Do I hold on to furniture or the walls when walking?
  • Do I lose my breath more easily now?

Care Starts with a Thorough Evaluation

Our evaluation starts with an intensive examination and assessment of your condition. A treatment plan is developed that is based on your specific needs. We then provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand explanation of how we can help you address and improve your symptoms.

We Then Develop a Personalized Treatment Plan for You

Our treatment plans focus on patient education and therapeutic exercises that target and isolate specific muscle groups to achieve fast and long-lasting results.

Gait training involves retraining the patient to improve their ability to walk as close to normal again. This training may involve:

  • Easy stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Verbal cues to improve walking patterns
  • Endurance exercise
  • Balance exercises
  • Training to prepare for walking on different surfaces (grass, stairs, pavement, uneven surfaces)

Our Evidence-Based Approach

There are three components to each and every rehabilitation program:

  • The current best evidence - We stay informed of new scientific research which is being published on a regular basis  for advancements in treatment techniques.
  • Our clinical experience - We've treated a variety of diagnoses over the years. Clinical experience allows us to make excellent decisions about the type of treatment you should receive.
  • Your treatment goals – We consider your long-term goals when developing your unique treatment plan.

Call Today

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